Winter Report 2021: Supply Chain Disruption – Taking Stock

Welcome to the 23rd edition of our survey which BCS are proud to sponsor.

As ever, responses have been illuminating and thought provoking. It is  heartening to see the data centre sector so optimistic for the future with  record levels of respondents (98%) seeing demand either maintained or  increasing.

Whilst this news is most welcome it will have to be delivered against a  backdrop of shortage of key skills and the ongoing disruption experienced  in the supply chain.

We commented separately on supply chain challenges in August 2021 and  these observations have been reconfirmed in this survey with 91% of our  respondents having experienced issues over the past 12 months. Indeed,  disruptions were felt the hardest amongst our build professionals, with  69% of developer/ investor respondents and 62% of design engineering and construction respondents reporting strong agreement that 2021 had experienced supply chain volatility.

Will this volatility continue?

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