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We deliver assured outcomes. Meeting IT challenges whilst reducing complexity and minimising risk

Working with Business Critical Solutions

With over 30 years’ experience, we deliver services and solutions specifically for data centres and other business critical environments.

Trusted by some of the world’s largest organisations, we focus on innovation while reducing complexity. We build long term relationships, aligning our IT Asset solutions with our customers’ business objectives and technology challenges.

Our success is measured by the value we provide to our customers and how simply we can deliver it. By always seeking a deeper understanding, listening and challenging when needed, we recognise individual needs so we can tailor services and solutions so they deliver the greatest value.

A few of our clients

Digital Reality


Global Switch



Kao Data




Cloud HQ

Iron Mountain


“We’ve seen the whole data centre market change as businesses struggle to adapt to digital disruption. We understand that the traditional approach to IT strategy planning no longer works.

BCS is focused on delivering cutting edge, highly flexible data centre solutions, underpinned the latest processes, techniques and standards to maximise our customers’ investment and performance.”

Jim Hart, CEO

We provide assured solutions to your IT Needs. . Get in touch today on 0345 204 3300