Utilities Solutions

Optimising utility network procurement and delivery

We deliver commercially optimised solutions for multi-utility infrastructure projects through the application of technical expertise, regulatory knowledge and assured outcomes.


What We Offer

We have the track record and capability to deliver all elements of a multi-utility project. Our expertise is rooted in technical insight, commercial acumen and regulatory understanding.

We generate cost savings and efficiencies for our clients through specialist advice on the choice and delivery of electricity, fibre, water, heat, wastewater and gas.

Our proposition is underpinned by our six-stage strategy to optimise business outcomes and deliver assurance for our clients.

Most organisations adopt a traditional approach to utility procurement which is static and offers little in the way of incentives. On average, we deliver 70% reduction in cost against traditional engagement models.


The Opportunity

With the perpetual pressure on clients to reduce construction costs, in a market that has been further tested by skills shortages and the recent global pandemic, there is an intensifying requirement for project stakeholders to become ever more creative when considering utility delivery strategies.

Optimising utility procurement and delivery is often overlooked when unlocking potential cost reduction, schedule improvement and risk mitigation opportunities that provide the client with a true competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Dynamic strategies move the paradigm from reactive cost cutting to proactive cost saving, and risk mitigation measures are implemented and managed by those industry leading experts best placed to do so.

Realising that unique strategy on a scheme can sometimes be the determining factor as to its commercial viability. Additionally, assured delivery can also be a competitive advantage in securing that first tenant.

Driving Efficiencies

Many organisations are unaware of the flexibility that is a result of deregulation and that efficiencies which can be as high as 80% with the right solution. With power costs and availability increasingly becoming a key focus alongside sustainability and decarbonisation, we believe this new service will be invaluable for both our existing and new clients.


Our Responsibilty

Whilst cost and programme efficiency is at the heart of the value that we deliver, this is balanced with a fundamental understanding of our duty to live within the means of our planet’s natural resources and minimise environmental impact. We know that this is not just our vision for a better future but also that of our clients. We recognise the steps that must be taken to reduce embodied and operating carbon, in addition to social and economic impacts, and we factor these considerations within sustainable development strategies.


A Proactive Approach

Utilities provide the umbilical cord to the magnificent buildings and infrastructure around us yet are often not considered until the early design stages of a project. This can limit opportunity. We understand that utility networks are dynamic, and we use our expertise and extensive knowledge of these networks, and the stakeholders who operate within them, to maximise efficiencies through design, development and procurement.


Our Reputation

We adopt strategies that deliver assured outcomes. The proficiency and value that we bring to each project offers more than just cost and time certainty but dividends that continue to ‘pay back’ long into the operational life of a project.



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