Delivering business certainty & assurance, we reduce risk & complexity

Data Centre Deployment

Once you have your data centre strategy, how do you make sure the project delivered meets your exacting specifications and is delivered on time and in budget?

We have successfully delivered greater certainty of project outcomes and financial returns on over 1,500 MW of IT load, we have never failed to achieve a target or deadline.

These outcomes were supported by tools and processes developed by us and are embedded into our service delivery plans. These tools are under continuous review through our knowledge and learning culture and are continually updated to reflect any improvements from our findings to deliver best practice and enable successful outcomes for clients.


Project Management

A constant in today’s business environment is change, with the mission critical infrastructure being the engine driving this change. Having the flexibility and agility to deploy effective planning, the right skills and rigorous controls is key to delivery success. Our consultants create solutions to deliver capital expenditure projects that focus on the best possible business outcome.

Planning and executing mission critical developments grows more complex by the day. Bringing together multiple professional disciplines and managing the communications process is demanding and complex, especially when under acute time pressure.

Creating the right delivery strategy for any mission critical project is predicated on a detailed preparation during which business needs, risks, governance and stakeholder interests are fully explored and identified. Challenges will arise and these will be met through robust controls and gateways which all decisions will be predicated on live information and a business case basis.

Delivering mission critical facilities is a business defining endeavour and we have the expertise to ensure the best possible business outcomes. We have never failed to deliver.

Programme Management

We have played a leading role in some of the world’s highest profile mission critical and data centre programmes, covering multiple geographies, gaining unique insights and expertise.

We set programmes up to succeed at every stage of the lifecycle, using industry leading approaches to support decision making, supporting investment and achieving full readiness for execution.

We develop and deploy all the strategies and controls to manage risks and challenges, capture opportunities, set realistic baselines and establish the capabilities and support infrastructure required to assure your business outcome and achieve your business objectives.

Cost Management

Our consultants have delivered over 1,500MW of IT load across the globe. This has given us unrivalled cost and commercial expertise in the mission critical sector. One of the key principles in achieving better business outcomes is the predictability and control of cost. Utilising our unique insight and expertise, our experts provide mission critical cost planning and commercial management advice that ensures budget certainty and assurance, delivering value for money across the project life cycle.

Our proven methodologies have been designed to deliver optimal cost performance at every decision gateway from project baseline, to contract award through to final account. We treat each investment decision as it were our own and with no influence to the rest of the supply chain, we give independent advice that will best reflect the business need.

Proven Solutions

We have a proven track record of delivering some of the largest data centre projects across the globe. BCS has access to over 100+ critical environment specialist who have deployed some of the most efficient solutions in the world. Being able to pick from a diverse network of experts means that we always achieve exceptional outcomes.

How BCS can help you

We have aligned ourselves to the mission critical sector and as such provide truly relevant and specialist expertise. We’ve developed industry-leading benchmarking data sets on a global basis. Along with our extensive experience and specialist knowledge of the mission critical markets, we can provide more accurate advice on the cost implications of client requirements.

Business Critical Solutions can deliver an integrated solution throughout the lifecycle of your project; from strategic consultancy and technical review, through tender and specification and evaluations, as well as ensuring your project is delivered on time and on budget.

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