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Technology & Power: The Energy Conundrum – Summer 2021

Welcome to our summer 2021 report which is both insightful and informative, particularly as we start to really understand the lasting impact of the pandemic. The promising news is that confidence in future demand levels is still on an upward trajectory, overall, rising from a 64% positive response in our last survey to 71% today. … Continue reading “Technology & Power: The Energy Conundrum – Summer 2021”

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BCS launches Utilities Division

BCS Group (Business Critical Solutions), the specialist services provider to the digital infrastructure industry, has launched a new operating unit as part of its ongoing expansion strategy which follows the recent development of its German business arm. BCS Utilities is focused on implementing strategies that generate cost savings and efficiencies for organisations through specialist advice … Continue reading “BCS launches Utilities Division”

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20th European Data Centre Survey – Summer 2020

Welcome to our Summer 2020 survey, undertaken at a time of unprecedented circumstances, which gives us unique insights from our industry at a potentially era defining time. No industry is escaping the impact of Covid-19, a black swan event that some in the scientific community are now saying was predictable with Ebola, MERS, Swine Flu, … Continue reading “20th European Data Centre Survey – Summer 2020”

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Winter Report 2019 The Search For Talent – Threat or Opportunity?

Welcome to our Winter 2019 report in which the results of our survey are encouraging, interesting and challenging in equal measure. It is exciting to see that future demand levels for data centres show no signs of slowing down. Just over two-thirds of our respondents believe that the next year will see an increase in … Continue reading “Winter Report 2019 The Search For Talent – Threat or Opportunity?”

Summer Report 2019

It is pleasing to note that for this summer survey our research base has increased by some 10% since our last survey, covers 75% of all European countries and comprises feedback from all areas of our sector. This lends true authority to the results based on the most comprehensive research data. The most encouraging aspect … Continue reading “Summer Report 2019”

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1st Little Heath & Potters Bar Scout Group

1st Little Heath & Potters Bar Scout Group are one of the oldest groups in Hertfordshire, established in 1910. Their current hut was built in 1921 by the Sanderson family in memory of their son who died in the WW1. An extension was built in 1921 but other than minor upgrades the hut has stood for … Continue reading “1st Little Heath & Potters Bar Scout Group”

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