Winter Report 2019 The Search For Talent – Threat or Opportunity?

Welcome to our Winter 2019 report in which the results of our survey are encouraging, interesting and challenging in equal measure. It is exciting to see that future demand levels for data centres show no signs of slowing down. Just over two-thirds of our respondents believe that the next year will see an increase in demand, up on the 55% from our previous summer survey. This is supported
by over 90% of developers and investor respondents stating they expect to see a further expansion in their data centre portfolio over the coming year.

The backdrop to this is that our Design Engineering and Construction (DEC) respondents agree that there are general shortages amongst design, construction and operational professionals; four-fifths expressing resourcing concerns. DEC respondents identified build professionals as being subject to the most serious shortages – 82% stated this view compared with 78% for design professionals and 77% for operational functionality of data centres.

The highest ranking impacts that have been noted by our respondents are a greater workload placed on their existing staff (96%) increasing operating/labour costs (92%) and over 80% indicating that this has led to an increase in the use of outsourcing options over the past 12 months. The increased workload for existing staff had in turn led to problems in resourcing existing work,
with just over 70% stating that they had experienced difficulties in meeting deadlines or client objectives. The sophisticated needs of our evolving industry mean that it needs to attract an educated workforce and therein lies the challenge.

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