1st Little Heath & Potters Bar Scout Group

1st Little Heath & Potters Bar Scout Group are one of the oldest groups in Hertfordshire, established in 1910.

Their current hut was built in 1921 by the Sanderson family in memory of their son who died in the WW1. An extension was built in 1921 but other than minor upgrades the hut has stood for 98 years much as it does now.

Unfortunately the hut is now falling down, funds have been secured to allow us to demolish and rebuild the base structure but we have little money for anything else.

Fundraisers are ongoing over the next few months but we need more help.  Help like Business Critical Solutions who have provided their expertise in commercial management to enable us to progress our tenders in to contracts to make the build a reality.

Thank you James Hart and Scott Shearer from BCS.

If you would like to know more about 1st Little Heath & Potters Bar Scout Group you can find them on Facebook here or email them here.