Summer Report 2019

It is pleasing to note that for this summer survey our research base has increased by some 10% since our last survey, covers 75% of all European countries and comprises feedback from all areas of our sector. This lends true authority to the results based on the most comprehensive research data.

The most encouraging aspect of our survey is the overwhelming positive sentiment to forecast growth
with 84% of respondents declaring that demand will either be maintained or will be rising over the next 12 months, with almost no respondents forecasting a fall in demand. However, the challenge remains in delivery with the potential shortage of sufficiently qualified professionals at the design and build stages causing a bottleneck to delivery.

Many firms are ramping up apprenticeship and graduate schemes to bridge this gap but against the backdrop of 173,000 unfulfilled STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) vacancies, competition is fierce. We will discuss this in greater depth in follow up publications.

You can download the report here.

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