Defining your business strategy

With volatility, complexity, uncertainty and ambiguity in the world increasing, the demands on business operations and their ability to react to change is becoming business defining.

Business strategy deployed through the traditional approach of specialist silos generating specific outputs within defined phases of development are becoming a barrier to business growth. A flexible and agile mission critical infrastructure is key to responding to change. The speed at which it can be deployed will have massive impact on successful business outcomes.

Meeting your IT challenges

We have been pioneering integrated solutions that reduce delivery cycles by 10% through understanding and redefining the relationships between IT and Property. No longer can the real estate solution be developed as a stand alone answer to an IT challenge. To compete in tomorrow’s world IT and Property need to combine to deliver the IT Asset.

What is the IT asset?

We define the IT Asset as the enabling environment to drive improved business performance. An integrated IT Asset strategy delivers single point accountability for the enabling environment that will drive business performance by:

  • Delivering flexible and agile solutions that maximises investment without exposure to underutilised assets;
  • Giving certainty of cost outcome and control assuring the investment return;
  • Providing internal business assurance through certainty of the schedule;
  • Ensuring speed to market to gain competitive advantage;
  • Producing a sustainable design that performs to brand values;
  • Providing access to global best practice;
  • Delivering performance assurance on zero downtime.

BCS Integrated Solutions

With a vast range of experience gained from delivering IT Asset solutions for major businesses and organisations across the globe, BCS are uniquely placed to support the evolution of your business with a flexible IT solution.

By working alongside or as part of your team we unlock the potential of technology, data and information modelling to drive performance and support your decision making.  Through inclusive stakeholder workshops we bring together all business elements, analysing trends and historical performance to develop a total impact analysis on a business case basis.

Our solutions are proven to reduce under utilisation and increase agility to react quickly to market change, drive transparency and accountability at all levels, raise the confidence of executives by clearly demonstrating ownership of KPI’s, and most importantly of all we develop solutions that deliver the business need.

If you would like to find out more about how we can give you the competitive edge and supercharge your IT Asset strategy, call BCS on + (0) 345 204 3300


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