Make your data centre strategy future ready

Digital disruption has already happened. Businesses are wrestling with the high cost and inflexibility of traditional deployment models. Business leaders are required to act decisively against a backdrop of increasing complexity and rate of change.

The impact on the mission critical sector is far reaching, creating a rate of change never previously experienced resulting in increased demand for agility, flexibility, faster delivery and more efficient operation.

We develop and deploy strategies that let you respond to these changing business dynamics faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Your data centre strategy

A data centre strategy is a plan for enabling growth in the digital era. Planning ahead is key in a rapidly changing digital world and BCS will help define goals, get the numbers, question the business and create a strategy.

We work collaboratively with our clients and their stakeholders to bind the vision to faultless execution to achieve physical, sustainable value to the triple bottom line. From developing a pragmatic strategy to improving operations functions, we have the experience and expertise to help clients build and deliver an executable strategy.

Our solutions are proven successes

We have been involved in delivering in excess of 10,000,000ft² net technical space to various resilience and redundancy models with IT loads ranging from 900W/ft² to 7,000W/ft² across all sectors, geographies and environments.

Our team has been responsible for delivering some of the most high profile data centres in the UK, Europe, Americas, and Asia over recent years. In building up this unrivalled experience in the delivery mission critical projects, both in new build and in live environments, we have developed market leading solutions that have delivered better business outcomes by:

  • Creating agile and flexible strategies that focuses investment on where it will deliver the best business outcomes;
  • Developing investment plans that reduce capital expenditure, operational burden and time spent in planning but retain flexibility for expansion;
  • Engaging stakeholders to determine the holistic business need rather than a property solution to an IT challenge;
  • Recognising that business critical facilities require close collaboration, challenge and agreement between IT and property teams.

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